Carpet Yarns - International


"Carpet Yarn Spinners For 60 Years"


We produce Woollen carded yarns for Woven & Tufted carpets. We have special range yarns for Axminster & Wilton carpets. 


All our blend components are selected carefully to ensure even & level yarn resulting in yarn with optimum strength.

All Blends are carefully checked to ensure contamination free yarns.


Our yarns are produced in a clean workshop meeting health & safety requirements. Our quality oriented work culture ensure strength & levelness of the yarns. Carefully wound and reeled yarns ensure a good run off with minimum waste. 


We use Bikaner Chokhla wool which is considered as best carpet wool due to excellent resiliency and lustre.


We produce carpet yarns in 100% Wool, 80:20 Wool/Nylon, 80:10:10 Wool/Nylon and 100% polyester blends in following ranges:


Dewsbury : 20-160 Count

Metric : 1-5 Nm

Tex : 2000-160 Tex



Scoured & un-scoured Yarns are delivered on measured Hanks, Tubes & Cones with optional inline Electronic clearing. Dyed yarns are available in both Hank Dyed & stock (Fibre) Dyed. 



For more information about Quantities in container (20', 40' & 40'HQ), Testing certifications, import duties & Value added taxes in your country etc., please drop us an email.