Felted Spinning of Carpet Yarns

Felted Woollen Yarn
Felted yarns are used in carpets to provide additional styling possibilities or to provide stable yarns which are bulky. Conventionally, tuft definition in cut-pile carpets is achieved by setting overtwisted yarns. Such yarns tend to be lean and, when a bulky, stable yarn is required, yarn felting is used. Generally, felting is more appropriate for heavy yarn counts whereas twist setting is used for the finer counts.   
Felting improves tuft definition in cut-pile carpets and reduces fibre shedding in both cut-pile and loop-pile carpets. 
Felted yarns are used in textured loop-pile wilton carpets, axminster carpets with patterns of texture, hand-crafted rugs made from heavy and very heavy yarns, loop-pile tufteds in coarse gauges and, to some extent, in cut-pile tufteds.
Yarn felting is an alternative to twist setting for stabilising carpets that are to be piece dyed: possibilities of variable dye uptake owing to irregular heat history of the wool are eliminated. Felted yarns are also applied in knitwear and in furniture piping.
Felted yarns are also used in hobby craft kits